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Japan – A Travel Diary

August 17, 2018

Visiting Japan has been a dream of mine for a very, very long time. It’s a place I’ve felt oddly drawn to ever since I found out that it’s supposed to be an introvert’s dream. Polite and friendly yet reserved, Japan is where community feel and a strong sense of solidarity meet an implicit understanding of personal space and an acute awareness of your surroundings – people watch out for each other, but they tend to do so from a distance.


Of course, Japan is – amongst many other things – also home to origami and delicate paper art, tech innovation, and some of the best food this world has to offer; it’s an arts and crafts practitioner’s fantasy, any self-proclaimed techophile’s dream destination, and a food lover’s paradise. Safe to say, it ticked more than enough boxes for me to catapult it to the very top of my ‘one day, hopefully – a girl can dream’ travel bucket list years ago. When my move to Singapore last September halved the distance between Japan and I, that goal suddenly no longer felt out of reach. Continue Reading…