The Pick-Up Theorist is a pop art project, created in 2014, that seeks to answer the burning question of what kind of pick-up lines everyone’s favourite philosophers would opt for if they tried to pick someone up in a bar. A slightly unusual interpretation of big ideas from all across the humanities, it combines collage art with cheesy pick-up lines inspired by the world’s greatest thinkers.


How on earth did you come up with this?

Christmas 2013, I found myself with access to a printer, my favourite stationery store (my number one source for pretty paper) in walking distance, and a little bit too much time on my hands. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed philosophy and harboured a secret crush on Albert Camus for longer than I would like to admit, so one thing led to another. But it wasn’t until a few months later that I realised that this actually had the potential to be more than just a little private joke, and The Pick-Up Theorist as we know it was born in March 2014. A few years later, I have come up with almost fifty philosophical pick-up lines and successfully turned them into collage art. Sad or kind of cool? You decide…


I’m intrigued – where can I find more?

The Pick-Up Theorist used to be mostly Facebook based, so you can head over there for all lines or have a look at my advent calendar post. These newest cards aren’t sold anywhere, but I’d probably be happy to just send you a high-resolution file for you to print yourself if you ask nicely. Get in touch if you’re looking for a special gift for your significant autre or philosophy loving friend.


Immanuel Kant, Philosopher: “I simply kant take my eyes off this.”

Dominic Hale, Poet: “It’s a very niche market; you have to like philosophy, and cards, and puns, and pick-up lines. But there is a market for it.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosopher: “God might be dead, but pick-up lines are clearly back en vogue.”



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