This is where you can browse through some of my work as a student journalist, editor, freelance writer, and social science student. If you don’t really care about any of this but have a soft spot for philosophy, arts and crafts, and cheesy pick-up lines instead, I would like to congratulate you warmly on your excellent taste, and gently direct you towards my pop art project The Pick-Up Theorist.

Yet, if this page is indeed where you hoped to arrive in the first place and you are interested in my writing, and my writing only, then I’m not going to lie – you are missing out on some very special humour. But don’t worry, I’ll do my best to make sure you are still having a good time here, just like any good host should. If you’d like to get to know me a bit better on a strictly professional level, feel free to take a look at my CV. I’m always happy to get involved in new, exciting projects and I would love to write for you, about you – or maybe even with you? Feel free to send me an email; it’s ilincabarsan[at] Alternatively, please do get in touch via any of my social media channels. I’m pretty friendly.

Now, enough with the talk – here’s some of the stuff I’ve gone and done.

Editor in Chief of The Student

As editors in chief of the University of Edinburgh’s student newspaper, my co-editor Thurston Smalley and I manage a team of section editors, web editors, photographers, and illustrators, as well as handle any communication with our business partners in order to ensure that printing and distribution of the paper go smoothly once we send it off. Before this can happen, we spend the weekends putting together the paper using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and our common sense. I have documented the sometimes rather challenging, but always very rewarding process here; apart from a keen eye for detail and plenty of patience, this involves copy-editing the paper’s ten sections, writing the editorial, managing crosswords and creating horoscopes, editing and processing pictures, putting together graphics for the front page – and essentially making sure that the paper’s content as well as design is up to standards. Check out some of the the editions we’ve produced so far.

edit3  edit2  edit1

Freelance writing and student journalism

I enjoy the precision and simplicity the news writing style requires. You can see some of my work for The Student’s news section here. I also spent a year editing the news section, so if you need to get rid of any unnecessary words, I’m your girl – I’ll help you bury those 300 characters where no one will ever find them, nor look for them.

But whilst I can be a news machine if needed, I love telling stories; I love learning and writing about people, projects, and ideas, and I like creating content that is slightly less clean, but maybe a little more fun. I like to write about the little things that make (my) life more beautiful; a lovely artist; where to find cheap but very nice vintage clothes, trying out a Mediterranean approach to food, and finding the best eye-brow enhancing make-up on a budget – that kind of stuff. Here are some examples.

happy2bsad   humansofedinburgh  vintageshopping

Meet my academic alter ego

I’m just kidding – there’s no need for a dark and secretive alter ego that uses the Harvard referencing style passionately and gets weird adrenaline kicks out of handing in an essay with only two minutes to spare; I’ve got more than enough space to accommodate all of this within my public persona. As an undergraduate Sociology and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh, I’ve spent many an early morning writing in bed and late nights scribbling under the neon lights of the library, and I love it. If you’re interested in my academic writing, here are two essays I’ve written.


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