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The Pick-Up Theorist

The Pick-Up Theorist

The Pick-Up Theorist 2017 Advent Calendar

January 4, 2018

While I was browsing the Pick-Up Theorist Facebook page last November, I was pleased to realise that most of my original philosophical pick-up lines are still pretty solid (assuming you’re into this weird little niche, of course). My collage style, however, has evolved quite a bit since early 2014, and I felt like re-doing some of my older work.

This was perfect timing – what better occasion to give the original pick-up lines a little make-over than the pre-Christmas countdown? While glueing together a fresh card every day isn’t the easiest thing and, ever the procrastinator, I failed at the type of effective batch production that could have saved me from some late-night arts & crafts sessions, I’m pretty happy with the results. Have a look for yourself… Continue Reading…