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June 12, 2015

I’ve been so busy these past few weeks since I handed in my last ever essay to the University of Edinburgh, I’ve barely had any time to reflect on what I’m doing, let alone finally get this digital diary going (okay, that’s a lie, I reflect on what I’m doing all day everyday – I am an INFJ after all). It’s June now, I’ve got my first class Sociology & Politics safely in my Herschel backpack, and only about three months of serious summertime left; time is fleeting,  our own mortality is omnipresent but makes us appreciate life even more, etc. Serious summertime means indeed serious in my case; as much as I would love to hang out on a beach, I’m not exactly living it up at the moment – well, I guess this depends on what you define as ‘living it up’; let’s say I’m not living it up by traditional societal standards of a fun post-graduation summer of spontaneous travels and wild adventures. I’m kind of living it up according to my own standards though; I’ve started working at the Social Enterprise Academy as a Communications Assistant, and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing until the end of summer or September (whichever comes first, really) to save up some money for my postgraduate degree.

It’s great fun – the team is lovely and I’m learning new stuff every day. Plus, I’ve got a lovely walk to work, across the Meadows and Princes Street Gardens to Rose Street, and we’ve even had a few lovely summer days in Edinburgh – almost too lovely, which has been rather unsettling if I’m completely honest with you. As I am writing this from my bed after a busy week at work, I can finally hear tiny rain drops on my window again so do not worry – things are back to normal. But even though the work is fun and I’m very lucky to have this job, admittedly it’s been a bit of a challenge getting used to the classic 9 to 5 work week though – oh boy, do I love planning my time freely. Routine is essentially a good thing though and I enjoy knowing exactly how the week will unfold – it just means that I’ve been struggling to get much else done in my free time, as that free time is spent mostly in bed sleeping. This doesn’t quite add up with everything I am planning to do this summer – I’ve got a few exciting projects & ideas in the pipeline so I’m hoping I’ll get this perpetual sleepiness under control sooner rather than later.

I probably would have had it under control a bit earlier had I not gone on a little trip last week – no regrets though, I had a lovely few days in the South. I went to Oxford Connected Life, a student-led conference hosted by the Oxford Internet Institute, which is coincidentally also where I will be studying for an MSc Social Science of the Internet from October on. My nerves definitely got the better of me during my talk, but it was a great experience and seeing where I’ll spend the next year has definitely made me realise that I’ve 100 percent made the right choice re: future – and also made me feel quite proud of everything I’ve managed to accomplish in the last four years. I’m so excited for this course and for the next adventure, though I don’t think I’ve fully realised yet that this will mean leaving Edinburgh behind for good. After four years, this city has without any doubt become my second home and my safe haven. Of course I’m still the same person who came here in 2011, but – and this probably sounds a little bit cringey – living and studying here and meeting so many interesting and lovely people has really helped me slowly work towards who I’d like to be. I’m pretty certain though that Oxford will finish the job off nicely, or at least continue it, since the beautiful thing about life is that we’re always growing and change is good and necessary, right? But I will miss Edinburgh dearly.

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